About the Course

This course will challenge attendees to play a part in reinvigorating mobile interaction design. We celebrate the success that is apps, services, and the hugely popular ecology of mobile devices, and now want to promote a return to radical innovation.


Mobile phones are the ubiquitous platform used by billions of people globally, every day. However, two concerns signal a pause for reflection and change. First, while mobiles have rapidly become indispensable, the effect that constant device use has on our lives, our experiences, and the interactions we have with others, has caused growing discomfort. At the same time, there is a broad sense that mainstream mobile devices have fallen into a period of innovation limbo.

The organisers of this course have been fortunate enough to have collaborated with a broad range of industrial and academic researchers and practitioners over many years. More importantly, their experience in working with people who are not considered to be typical “future makers” has demonstrated how unique and contrasting outlooks on both technology and the world and ways of seeing it are invaluable in generating radically new and exciting digital innovations.

This course is an ideal foundation for attendees looking to begin research in mobile user experience (UX). It will also inspire those already embedded in mobile resesearch or practics to embark in new directions. There are no prerequisites except a desire to expand mobile UX design to engage with everyone.

Who should attend?

  • Developers and designers, who will expand their knowledge of potential end-user contexts, and learn how to prepare for user experiences of the future.
  • Industrial and academic researchers, who will gain a new perspective on mobile interaction, and be provoked to rethink the attitudes they currently have toward mobile user experience.
  • Students, who want to get a motivating and comprehensive overview of state-of-the-art research ideas and practices for mobile user experience.

After the course

Attendees who take this course will have their perspectives and methodological palette transformed in a number of ways, as it:

  • Provides new and innovative ways to think about mobile design
  • Includes critique and analysis of potential future mobile interfaces and interactions, complete with real-world examples of how today’s mobile devices and services can be improved.
  • Explains methods and practices to support ideation and future-focused design work.
  • Assesses existing mobile devices and apps to show clear paths of development, allowing attendees to design devices for the future.